The Cosmic Eggs

One of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World is reported (many years after all but the Great Pyramid had vanished) to be the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus. This great goddess has what many archaeologists and historians have interpreted to be nearly a thousand breasts on her body. It is being commented on in this very manner as I type this. The Discovery Channel is interviewing an esteemed Cambridge scholar who looks to know his words are as wise as Solomon. The stupidity of such absurd explanations is not unusual but still it draws a smile from those who know better.

In the past few months I have read over two hundred books in whole or in part and only the authors of Carthage have an idea about the import of these ‘cosmic eggs’. They also wonder why the Berbers painted so many ostrich eggs and then threw them in garbage pits, near Cyrenaica. The Keltic serpent’s eggs from the Druidic education might provide a little insight. This next quote mentions ‘Pelota’ which we mentioned in reference to a game that took place at Chichen Itza to prevent unnecessary tribal conflict. It has other meanings and depths relating to life and the passage of the soul that are touched upon in this quote from ‘The Mistletoe Sacrament’ by W. B. Crow in ‘A Celtic Reader’ which has been a constant source of mine; for the last ten months as I have explored the origins of the ‘Red-Heads’ with an obsession some might call mania:

The Druids themselves were known to the Welsh bards by a word that means adders, and Lewis Spence is of the opinion that the ridiculous statements of Pliny really refer to the manner in which the Druids manufacture these eggs. Later bards also refer to a ceremony in which a ball was snatched and carried across the water.

The Druidic custom just mentioned, we cannot help thinking, may have been the origin of the curious mediaeval rite of ‘pelota’, which took place in certain Catholic churches in France and Italy on Easter Monday. The ceremony consisted in bringing a ball of considerable size into the church and after solemnly presenting it before the altar, certain of the clergy beginning to dance and throwing the ball about in a special manner It would be good to know if this originated in Mayan lands or if the Druids like Quetzalcoatl and the Toltecs took it there. They are the ‘messengers’ referred to in many Indian legends like those of Grey Owl.. The ceremony symbolizes both the passage of the sun and the planets through the heavens and also the vicissitudes of the soul of man (the causal body of the theosophists). In Egyptian mythology the trial of the soul after death is associated with the passage of the sun through the underworld. The whipping of a spinning top, representing Alleluia on the Saturday before Septuagesima, a ceremony not uncommon in this country in former times, is related to this practice.

Madame Blavatsky has some interesting remarks on the connection with the serpent cult A serpent goes up the side of the pyramid at Chichen Itza in specific ways as the sun and shadows create the effect that the building was re-built to create by the Toltec designers after the original pyramid had been built by the Jaguar cult centuries earlier. Chichen Itza became an international court of the whole of Central America if not more., which was at one time widespread and which is still widely practiced in South India. The serpent is a symbol of regeneration {And the orobouros of the alchemists is a serpent holding its tail and making the infinity type of immortality symbol: or the Mayan mathematical concept of zero they are credited with discovering over a century before the people of the sub-continent of India.). Not only does it lay eggs from which new life arises after having been preserved in the dormant state, but the reptile itself sloughs its skin at regular intervals. The initiate, in the ancient mystery religions, went through certain occult processes where his vehicles Solar body, soul, allies and ‘doppelganger’ to name a few. were actually renewed, and in the symbolism thereof cast off his old clothing and was clad in new vestures. What better symbolism than the serpent could be chosen to represent this change in the personality? Besides this, the regeneration by sloughing refers to the regeneration of the physical body by reincarnation and the regeneration of races and worlds of the theosophic cosmogony.

Some primitive peoples, after a death has occurred, perform a ritual in which the performers are divided into two groups and a struggle for the body takes place between the parties. This refers to the struggle between the powers of light and darkness for the spirit o£ the deceased, an eschatological myth of many ancient peoples. In the course of the evolution of this ritual it became a game in which the skull alone was the object of combat or had to be kicked into the goal. The various forms of the game of football and polo, and perhaps other ball games, are supposed to have originated from this, the original religious significance having become lost. The Druidic ritual of snatching an egg and running away until one got over a stream (which acts as the goal) suggests a similar game and connects up with funeral games. The egg or ball is an excellent symbol of the causal body, if one can believe clairvoyants, who see it as a kind of rounded or egg-shaped structure, in fine matter Similar to ectoplasm as seen in ghosts. of the higher mental I would definitely NOT use this word. plane. After death, according to accounts of occultists, there is a kind of play of forces, good and evil, which do seem to struggle for the possession of the causal body and to determine whether it goes to a good or bad incarnation when next it descends to clothe itself with coarser matter.

The Druid’s egg, says Pliny, was unknown to the Greeks They certainly knew about the Temple of Artemis with all the eggs some current Cambridge scholar thinks is breasts, and Pliny the Roman is not an initiate in the Eleusinian or Cabiri, mysteries, to my knowledge.. But other kinds of eggs are mentioned in Greek and Hindu mythology, and the consecration of an egg was one of the most important acts in the secret ritual of the Eleusinian mysteries. The Christian Church continued the use of the same symbol, as we see in the so-called Easter eggs, and in the ostrich eggs which are still to be seen hanging in Orthodox Catholic Churches in the East. In fact a whole lecture might be devoted to the symbolism of the cosmic egg.»

We must delve into many things this quote engages. In some ways I am squeamish about doing so in this book. I have written about my experiences and research on the stele I found behind the Pelota at Chichen Itza in other books and that makes re-telling the story something redundant. The matter of good and evil and ‘Some primitive peoples’ this author is talking about is most troublesome. How can I do what millions of philosophers throughout history have been unable to fully explain? It is clear that the Christian church borrowed almost all the supposedly pagan rituals. The communion is admitted by de Vere and Gardner (Genesis of the Grail Kings and the Sarkeny Rend Rosicrucians) to be similar to their earlier adept Count Dracul or ‘Vlad the Impaler’ and the vampire practices. My experience with exorcisms is extensive enough to know that the Catholic Church takes advantage of some pretty easy situations and makes them a big issue for the purpose of self-promotion. I recommend reading The Devils of Loudon by Aldous Huxley for a documentary trip down that road. The matter of the fight over the soul that sounds like some of Dante Aligheri’s «HELL» is not the matter of Druidic cosmogony. It is the tactic of FEAR-mongering by Christianity such as the ‘sins and demons’ we touched upon in the issue of medical ailments and Paracelsus.

Mr. Sharkey spoke about ‘representing each world within the other’, as he described the Druids. There was a guided spiritual ritual part to some of what went on at the Pelota in Chichen Itza with the big ball, that goes into the realm of the time-space continuum, and free choice that students of the Nagual’s Way from Castaneda might understand that I won’t delve into, again. Are there really ‘Other Worlds’ as the quantum physics ‘Many Worlds Interpretation’ assures us and Wigner or Schrödinger (Nobel Laureates) say the Mandukya Upanishads describe accurately? Have you read the Tao of Physics by the physicist Fritjof Capra and seen what he says about S-Matrix theory of Math and the ‘I Ching’? Believe me this author (Mr. Crow) might have to turn into a raven if his ‘whole lecture’ would do the trick in explaining the cosmic egg.

We have made it clear the Kelts believed in the afterlife and spirit world or they wouldn’t have made loans to be repaid after death. We have said they didn’t fear death and that they had no punitive ‘unmerciful God. But there are leprechauns and the Fianna of the great ancient Irish king Finn who the Phoenicians liked and named themselves after. So we are caught in this quandary of making seeming conflicting statements come together. We said the spirits might take a child or their energy if the parent let the spirits know the child’s name. That doesn’t sound like the work of a leprechaun! You have heard about ‘witches’ and you know we’ve been defending them, too. You probably wonder if this isn’t all ‘hocus-pocus’ and barbaric things anyway.

There are good people that I know who deny and avoid these facts like they are ‘THE PLAGUE’! It isn’t going to make your life easier when you open these doors and see the thousands more that await you beyond. Occultists are often ‘sophists’ or will engage in sophistry too. Who can say what things God might be capable of? Who really believes in such a force anyway? Most people pay lip-service to it. The Kelts we have said (and Admiral Morison ridiculed) were different. Clearly the Phoenicians demanded the greatest personal commitment to their beliefs, at least from their average person or citizen. When their kings are seen having to give their first born to the god Baal (Bel = BL) are they just babel-ing (BBL and later the Bible)? Some of these kings were front men or women and there is adequate proof they did these things, but that doesn’t mean they all did it. Carthage had a democratic type of government according to Aristotle and maybe this was the cross kings had to bear like the Keltic practice of burning the leader at the end of their term in office (25 year term, and this made for less fraud and ‘cronyism’). This can become pretty barbaric as we have seen with the ‘Devoted Ones’ but it became a celebration and the forerunner of the ‘wake’. That seems proof enough that death was not feared anyMORE than the North American warriors who ‘counted coup’ feared their ‘maker’. So what if all these cultural beliefs are shared across the oceans? What does it matter to you now if you are ‘getting yours’? Why ‘open a can of worms if you can’t close it’?

Maybe we should leave this kind of talk to another book and just point fingers at the church that hides these truths from us. Maybe our happiness and freedom are better under their ministrations. If there are spiritual forces that can mess with us. There is a lot of merit in my concerns about this and there is a law of the Magi that says ‘Know, Will, Dare, Keep Silent’. We’ve already given a lot of places to look for the answers to esoteric questions like these and it might be best to keep this book on the academic level of ethnology or anthropological denial of the reasons and realities that actually’, are the nature of everyday life. We could talk about laws and minstrels and make cute poems to amuse the reader and still have done a lot to help people see the culture was no more barbaric than we are. Why did the Druids follow this law and keep so much of their knowledge in ‘verbal traditions’ such as the Qaballa was made from? Were they really so afraid of this knowledge being abused by unethical or un-disciplined ‘posers’? Did they really think their soul would be judged as unworthy of progress if they broke this law? Surely if they could sell the knowledge of shape-shifting and the ‘Lost Chord’ they could have made life a lot better for a lot of people.

The truth is they could have done anything or had anything they wanted at the point they rose to the highest level. In fact the moral strength to have such knowledge is more important than the mental or chemical knowledge in reference to the ‘Stone’. I am sure money and power is a pursuit that blinds people through their ego. This ‘blindness’ that closes the soul to ‘what is’ or as Jesus said ‘the living father within’, will prevent any politico from getting their hands on anything really harmful you might say. That might be true, too. There were some things that they knew which could be abused though, and it was (and is) important to do what is RIGHT. That is another law of the three laws of the Magi. RIGHT THOUGHT=RIGHT ACTION!

He’s dodging and waffling, you might say. What about the things this guy said about the battle over the soul when we die? What kind of authority do I have to disagree with occultists like Madame Blavatsky who heralded my favorite teacher Jiddhu Krishnamurti and helped Annie Besant teach him? In the final analysis you might say I’m a person engaging in ‘sophistry’ and ego too. We know that no one person can really know God or all these things so why read what I have to say? For now I choose to say that we are going to cover the religion of the Druids who were the dominant force in thousands of years of human culture in a later chapter. But I don’t want the reader to think the Druids or Kelts were so ego driven or fearful as to worry about spirits capturing their souls once they had grown enough to know their name; they also were ‘protected’ from the lesser obsessive forces of the limbo or interstitiary state of the spirit world which may possess a soul.

Yes, they had a lot of scary legends and tales about evil acts of mischievous and other forces. Sometimes these tales are like the accounts of war on the friezes or frescoes of the Mayan, who wanted people to know the stupidity of war. Sometimes there were people who needed this motivation to take the time to learn enough to protect themself. In all cases as long as the Druids were still around (before the Roman ‘bounties’) they had recourse to protection if something really bad occurred. At the same time there was a greater element of ‘fate’ and ‘destiny’ in this religion than I think is real. I cannot say for sure that there were people at the highest level who knew better the import of ‘free will’. I cannot even be sure what degree or level of free will or ‘world mind’ existed in their collective unconscious (Jung). There are lots of Celts and people from post Druidic times who write about Druids as if they know them. Some of these people are definitely ‘far gone’ when it comes to the inevitability of the cyclical nature of the ‘forces’. The Etruscans are good examples of this and the Carthaginians who allied with them or were their ‘brothers’ surely had a lot of that in them too. But that is a time when the macho power-trippers had already made great inroads into the original nature-worshipping culture, too.

The historians have little to go with in the records of history. We often are left with the words of Caesar in the first century BC. to confirm that there were numerous schools of Druidry as the best recorded insight to earlier times. In Gaul the best knowledge seems to go back no further than the fifth century BC. and ornamentation is the hardest proof. Gimbutas has the Old European alphabet that takes us back a long way but many scholars aren’t convinced because they don’t understand the esoteric symbology. There are those who laugh and point to Stonehenge or Carnac in Brittany, and of course the Pyramid they know it’s the work of the Red-Headed League of Megalith Builders. But they can’t prove a definite connection to the Druids. At least not in the eyes of those who establish the required standards of proof in the halls of academia. They note that the term ‘goddess-worship’ or Wicca may not even have existed until the 18th century. We can say the term isn’t the point and the records of historians are propaganda.

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The Story of the Great Depression Simply Told

The story of the Great Depression that plagued America beginning in 1929 can be better be understood by first considering the life in America during the 1920s, an Era which is often referred to as the roaring 20s in American history.

The roaring 1920s

For many Americans, the 1920s were a time of hope and a time for fun and enjoyment. They agreed with one of the most popular sayings of the time, «every day in every way, things are getting better and better». It was a time when most people coming from the First World War wanted to relax and enjoy themselves.

These hopeful Americans pointed to signs of progress in around. Women’s new right to vote was one sign of this progress. Americans also were proud that technology was producing so many new wonders. Technology is defined in these terms as the use of tools and knowledge to solve practical problems and to help people live better. Americans were made better by technology. They bought new products – refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, radios, electric washing machines, and cars which were being made more and more inexpensive. It was a general view that American workers had better job conditions. Jobs were plentiful and the pay was good.

It was a time when people listened to new sounds. People relaxed in the soothing sounds of jazz and the blues. Millions people were hooked to movie theatres and listened to the first talkie films. A new invention called radio brought news, sports, and comedy right into a family’s living room.

Radio, movies, and sports made new national heroes. Babe Ruth was baseball’s greatest hero. Swimming champion Gertrude Ederle became a sports hero too. It was an era where people appreciated sport. Gene Tunney and Jack Dempsey in boxing excited fans. Helen Wills and Bill Tilden in tennis did the same. Football fanatics enjoyed watching Red Grange and Jim Thorpe. And the Mickey Mouse cartoon character was born in 1928.

Clara Bow, popular film star of the 1920s best known as «The ‘It’ Girl,» was America’s first real sex symbol.

Bow grew up in a household of poverty, violence and mental illness. She escaped her circumstances by entering her photo and winning a movie magazine contest, with the top prize being the chance to appear in a small role in the film, «Beyond the Rainbow» (1922).

Despite her difficult beginning, Bow worked steadily in films through the 1920s, typically appeared in supporting roles in films that were described as «domestic melodramas,» with an occasional comedy. The type of films she appeared in can best be described simply by listing some of the titles — «Enemies of Women» (1923), «Grit» (1924), «Poisoned Paradise»(1924), daughters of pleasure, (1924) empty sex (1925), «Eve’s Lover» (1925), «Lawful Cheaters» (1925), «Parisian Love» (1925), «Kiss Me Again» (1925), «Free to Love» (1925), «My Lady’s Lips» (1925), «Two Can Play» (1926) and «Mantrap» (1926).

Bow was known as «The It Girl,» with «it» usually meaning sex appeal. Bow also appeared in «Wings» (1927), which won the first Academy Award as Best Picture. Bow continued to appear in films as the often-wild women who knows what she wants, and gets it, including «Get Your Man» (1927), «The Fleet’s In» (1928), «The Wild Party» (1929), «Dangerous Curves» (1929), «Her Wedding Night» (1930), «No Limit» (1931) and «Call Her Savage» (1932). When sound films became popular in the early 1930s, Bow’s thick Brooklyn accent was a severe handicap. Her last film was «Hoopla» (1933).

Clara Bow personifies the attitudes and tastes of the 1920s. One website describes Clara Bow this way;

Clara Bow became a major star in 1925 and soon became the ‘It’ Girl. She was known to be wild and sexy and care free…the perfect flapper! Oddly she didn’t constantly go for the bow but the look became associated with her.

Before Clara it was the ‘Cupids Bow’. Now it was Clara’s (punny).

The Great Depression

The life of the Americans just described above meant that in order to have such lavish relaxation and have the power to buy such technological innovations in the form of radios, electric washing machines, cars, refrigerators it supposes that people had enough money than their parents had, but that was not always the truth in all respects. Since factories and businesses producing these technological innovations needed to have customers they were often working with the banks to grant people loans with some relaxed long term payment plans of the loans.

In 1929 many business in America started to hang new signs on their doors, announcing «out of Business». Millions of workers were informed that the paycheck they were getting mostly at the end of the week was the last paycheck. Soon many people did not have enough money to pay for food, clothes, or housing. Many people joined long lines of jobless people, waiting to receive free meals given out by religious groups.

The 1920’s was the time when America went from prosperity, big time and fun that comes with better live brought by technology to a landslide depression. A depression is the time when business activity slows down and many people are out of work. The depression that started in 1929 in America was called the Great Depression. America had seen depression before but none of them was as severe as the Great Depression.

The Stock Market Crash

People disagree about what caused the Great Depression, however most people agree that the depression began around the time of the stock market crash. The stock market is the place where shares of stock are bought and sold. Stocks are certificates of ownership in a company. Stock owners share in the risks of the business they own. If the business makes money, the stock owners also share in the profits.

A form of stock ownership began in America in the early 1600 with the founding of Jamestown. The number of companies that issued stocks grew with the new industries of the 1800s. With the prosperous years of the 1920s, the stock market continued to grow. Up until the late 1920s, most stock owners tried to buy stocks that paid them the most money, in the form of payments called dividends, every year. They bought stocks and owned them for years on end. In the late 1920s however the behavior of people who were buying stocks begun to change for the worse. Many people began to «play» the stock market for some quick money instead of long term investments. People wanted to get rich quickly. So how did this playing of stock market happen?

People who participated in the stock market watched stock prices carefully. They tried to buy stocks when the prices were low. They hoped to sell the stocks after the prices had gone up. The difference between the buying price and the selling prices was their profit. Some people made millions of dollars playing the stock market.

As the number of people playing the stock market increased, stock prices rose. By the summer of 1929, some stock owners thought that stock prices had climbed as high as they were going to go. These people sold their stocks. Stock prices began to level off.

When prices stopped rising, more and more people decided to sell their stocks. In the autumn of 1929, stock prices started to fall. With the falling prices, stock owners panicked. Soon just about everyone was trying to sell their stock. However, people had little hope that stock prices would go up again, so there were few buyers. Many people saw their fortunes fade before their eyes.

Where did all the money invested in the stock market go? In truth, a great deal of the money was not there in the first place. Many people had bought stocks on credit. Buying on credit means that buyers pay small amount of money when they purchase an item; they promise to pay the rest later. With credit buying, few people actually paid the full price for stocks. When prices began to fall, the broker demanded repayment of loans. Few stock owners had money to pay them. Brokers then sold the stock for whatever they could get.

And so the stock market crash marked the beginning of the Great Depression. However this may not have really caused the depression. Some people think the depression began because the industries produced more goods than people bought. Throughout the 1920s Americans eagerly bought vacuum cleaners, automobiles, and other factory goods. By the end of the 1920s, the demand for goods fell off. Warehouses were filled with unsold products.

When businesses could not sell their goods, they began to lay off or dismiss their workers. These unemployed people were not able to buy much more than the necessities of life. As more more people lost their jobs, even fewer goods were sold. Rising unemployment hurt business, leading to even more job layoffs.

Credit buying is another explanation for the Great Depression. As we have already discussed credit buying contributed to the stock market crash. However stocks were not only the items Americans bought on credit. Millions of people bought goods of all sorts by paying a small amount of their own money and borrowing the rest. Some people did not plan wisely and were not able to pay for what they bought on credit.

Other people lost their jobs and could not pay back their loans. Thousands of businesses closed when customers failed to pay their bills.

Certain banking practices also contributed to the Great Depression. Many people put their money into savings accounts. Savings accounts were not insured, or guaranteed against loss, in those days. Banks often used their customers’ savings to play the stock market. When the stock market crashed, many bank customers with savings accounts lost all their money.

Banks lost money in another way. Millions of Americans borrowed money from banks to buy goods or stocks. If these people were laid off from their jobs, they could not make loan payments to the banks. Then the banks lost money. Without this money, some banks had to close. People who had put money in the bank lost their savings when the banks closed – just like that! The government did not lend money to the banks to keep them from closing. Many people think that this lack of help from the government contributed to the Great Depression.

And so from the booming economy of America in the 1920s to the bust in 1929 – it all happened very quickly. People lost their homes, their farms, their businesses, and their jobs.

By 1932 nearly 12 million people were unemployed. Many unemployed people found themselves in long lines that covered city blocks moving slowly towards soup kitchens. These long queues or lines were called bread lines. Inside the soup kitchens were free food and, in the winter, warmth. One man described these common scenes of bread lines in Chicago. His words describe the sad story of many people in American cities and towns during the Great Depression.

In Garland Court back of the library, special garbage cans were set out by the thoughtful kitchen help of the restaurant. The garbage cans contained bread heels [crusty end slices of bread], and hundreds of starving men and women gratefully helped themselves. At the other garbage cans, people did their own sorting, stopping to chew on bones and bits of meat.

In warm weather, Grant Park was full with thousands of men and women sleeping atop newspapers on the wet grass. When it turned cold, a thousand shanties went up overnight along the lakefront… the shacks were made of tin signs and ancient boards, but they had chimneys and primitive heating systems.

At the Pixley and Ehlers cafeteria… I’d see a shabbily dressed man sit down with a 5 cent cup of coffee and put 10 spoons of sugar into it for nourishment. Then he might pour a fourth of a bottle of catsup into a glass of water and stir it until it became free ‘tomato juice’.

For many Americans, the Great Depression meant going from bad to worse. Farmers had faced hard times since the early 1920s. for most farmers, the hard times continued into the 1930s. Prices for farm products fell, because Europe’s demand for food crops decreased as European countries recovered from World War I. (Usually a decrease in demand leads to a drop in prices). A drought a long period without rain – added to the farmers’ problems beginning in 1931. By the early 1930s, some farms in the Great Plains states were so dry that the soil began to blow away. Because of the great, swirling dust storms, the area became known as rthe Dust Bowl. Thousands of families left their farms. They travelled across the country, looking for new homes and new jobs.

And so it seemed to everybody that the American dream is no more. Listen to this popular song during the years of the Great Depression;

«They used to tell me I was building a dream,

And so I followed the mob –

When there was earth to plough or guns to bear

I was always there – right there on the job.

They used to tell me I was building a dream,

With peace and glory ahead –

Why should I be standing in the line

Just waiting for bread?»

Except for breadlines and soup kitchens, suffering Americans did not know where to turn for help in the early years of the Great Depression. Private charities, such as churches and local community groups, tried to help the poor, the sick, and the homeless. However, with so many people needing help, many charities soon ran out of money. And this brings us to the role of government in this situation. What was government doing or should have done.

Hoover and the Great Depression

Before the Great Depression, the national government had stayed out of matters such as helping the poor. The government also did not give aid to people who had lost their jobs. At first, Hebert C. Hoover, was president when the Great began. He did not change government policy of not intervening in the lives poor people.

Hoover felt sorry for people suffering because of the depression. However, he did not believe the national government really could do anything to end the hard times. His advisers told him that the depression would end on its own, as other depressions had. Hoover hoped Americans could find ways to help themselves and their neighbors without the aid of government.

Later Hoover realized the Great Depression was not going to end quickly on its own. He started some government programs to aid farms and businesses. However, the depression worsened and Hoover’s popularity dropped.

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Los nueve principios del éxito de Vince Lombardi

Los nueve principios del éxito de Vince Lombardi:

«La medida de lo que somos es lo que hacemos con lo que tenemos». vince lombardi

1. Compromiso: «La calidad de vida de una persona está en proporción directa con su compromiso con la excelencia, independientemente del campo de actividad elegido». Vicente Lombardi. Lombardi continúa afirmando: «Un ganador debe estar comprometido con la disciplina, comprometido con el sacrificio y la abnegación, y comprometido con el trabajo duro».

¿Qué tan comprometido estás? Si eres un atleta, ¿eres el primero en la práctica y el último en irse? Si eres parte de una organización, ¿te aseguras de que tus esfuerzos ayuden a toda la organización? ¿Está dispuesto a participar y ayudar a los demás incluso cuando «no es mi trabajo». Como educador, ¿se toma el tiempo para visitar a otros maestros en su campo, aprendiendo formas de volverse más valioso en el salón de clases? ¿Estás dispuesto a WIT? ¿Lo que se necesita para tener éxito?

2. Verdad: «En el fútbol y los negocios, un líder debe ser honesto consigo mismo y con las personas con las que trabaja. La fidelidad y la verdad son las excelencias y dotes más sagradas de la mente humana». vince lombardi

¿Estás siendo honesto con tu mayor admirador y tu crítico más fuerte: tú mismo? ¿Estás haciendo las cosas a diario que te permitirán hacer más, ser más, tener más? ¿O está siendo deshonesto consigo mismo y con quienes cuentan con usted a diario? Con la ética comercial actual o la falta de ética, las personas buscan poder tratar con personas y organizaciones confiables y confiables.

3. Excelencia: «Si exige la perfección de sí mismo, rara vez la logrará. El miedo a cometer un error es la principal causa de cometer uno. En lugar de esforzarse por lograr la perfección, relájese y busque la excelencia». capullo de invierno

Lombardi dijo: «Nadie es perfecto. Pero muchachos, si no se conforman con nada menos que lo mejor, se sorprenderán de lo que pueden hacer con sus vidas. Se sorprenderán de lo mucho que pueden ascender». en este mundo.»

La perfección rara vez sucede… es el juego perfecto lanzado por un lanzador de béisbol, pero requiere la ayuda y el apoyo de sus compañeros de equipo. Es un juego de 300 bolos, rara vez alcanzado por nadie más que los mejores jugadores de bolos. Es el hoyo en uno en el golf… una hazaña que rara vez se logra. Sin embargo, la búsqueda de la excelencia debe ser una meta que todos busquemos.

4. Resultados- «Ganar no lo es todo, pero esforzarse por ganar sí lo es». vince lombardi

El jugador de baloncesto del Salón de la Fama, Bill Walton, dijo esto sobre ganar: «Ganar se trata de tener a todo el equipo en la misma página».

En los deportes de equipo, generalmente hay un equipo que gana y otro que pierde. El equipo que juega unido a menudo puede superar la falta de talento para tener éxito. Un equipo con falta de carácter puede ganar partidos, pero no tendrá éxito a largo plazo y el éxito será de corta duración.

Siempre establecimos objetivos para nuestros equipos, y ganar no era un objetivo importante. Sentimos que si podíamos alcanzar la mayoría de los objetivos establecidos para cada oponente, la victoria se resolvería sola. Queríamos resultados. Queríamos mejorar todos y cada uno de los tiempos fuera. ¿Qué es lo que espera para usted y su organización?

«No hay límite cuando a nadie le importa quién se lleva el crédito». Juan de madera

5. Pasión: «Aprendí que si quieres hacerlo lo suficientemente mal, no importa lo malo que sea, puedes hacerlo». gayle sayers

¿Te apasiona lo que haces? ¿Tienes el primero en la oficina, el campo de práctica, la mentalidad del salón de clases, o te arrastras cuando las cosas comienzan? ¿Cree en lo que está haciendo, en sus compañeros de equipo y/o compañeros de trabajo, lo tiene en su corazón, en su mente y en su alma, y ​​está dispuesto a aceptar excusas de usted y sus compañeros de equipo? ¿Ese fuego arde en lo más profundo de ti?

«Solo hay una manera de tener éxito en cualquier cosa, y es darlo todo. Yo lo hago y exijo que mis jugadores lo hagan». vince lombardi

6. Hábito: «La diferencia entre una persona exitosa y otras no es la falta de fuerza, ni la falta de conocimiento, sino la falta de voluntad». vince lombardi

Se ha dicho que hacer lo mismo hoy que ayer y esperar resultados diferentes es una definición de locura. El hábito es un acto que hacemos repetidamente. Puede ser bueno o puede ser malo. Los psicólogos estiman que el 90% de las cosas que hacemos son habituales. Piénsalo, comenzando con tu rutina matutina y terminando cuando te retires por la noche. Hay cientos de cosas que haces de la misma manera todos los días, a menudo sin pensar en ellas.

Robert Ringer, autor de Million Dollar Habits afirma: «El éxito es una cuestión de comprender y practicar religiosamente hábitos simples específicos que siempre conducen al éxito.

7. Fortaleza mental: «Si tienes la suerte de encontrar a un tipo con mucha cabeza y mucho corazón, nunca saldrá del campo en segundo lugar». vince lombardi

A menudo escuchas a los entrenadores decir a sus jugadores: «Tenemos que ser mentalmente fuertes». ¿Qué es la fortaleza mental? Es una de esas palabras que son difíciles de explicar. Creo que mi definición de fortaleza mental es la preparación mental y física adecuada que te permite olvidar el precio, los sacrificios que debes pagar para tener éxito. Es lo que nos permite salir de la colchoneta una vez más después de haber sido derribados. Nos da la capacidad de esforzarnos por inspirarnos en la herida y el dolor que podemos estar experimentando. Es lo que nos permite recuperarnos de los fracasos temporales que la vida nos envía.

Cuando estaba entrenando, estábamos abajo 92-75 con cinco minutos para el final del juego. Pedí un tiempo muerto y pregunté a mis jugadores cuánta gasolina les quedaba en el tanque. Sabía que el otro equipo estaba cansado. Necesitaba que me dijeran que podían alcanzar el interior, darlo todo por el resto del juego. Empezamos a presionar. Nuestro estado de ánimo es que no íbamos a perder. La brecha se cerró, lentamente al principio, y luego, como si alguien hubiera abierto las compuertas, mágicamente volvimos al juego. Con: 08 segundos restantes en el juego, golpeamos un tres para enviarlo a la prórroga. Nuestro oponente estaba agotado… pero mentalmente estábamos listos para el desafío. Terminamos ganando el juego 119-111 en tiempo extra.

8. Disciplina: «Algunas personas consideran la disciplina como una tarea. Para mí, es una especie de orden que me libera para volar». julio andres

Normalmente cuando escuchamos la palabra disciplina la asociamos con castigo. Según el New Collegiate Dictionary de Webster, la disciplina se puede definir como: entrenar o desarrollar mediante la instrucción o el ejercicio, especialmente en el autocontrol; para poner a un grupo bajo control. George Washington declaró: «La disciplina es el alma de un ejército. Hace que los pequeños números sean formidables, proporciona éxito a los débiles y estima a todos».

Durante la mayor parte de mi carrera como entrenador, no impuse reglas a mi equipo. Nuestra regla básica era estar donde se supone que debes estar, hacer lo que se supone que debes hacer, cuando se supone que debes hacerlo, y hacerlo lo mejor que puedas. Siguiendo ese simple conjunto de reglas, mis jugadores se graduaron, en su mayor parte se convirtieron en los individuos de los que puedo estar muy orgulloso hoy.

9. Perseverancia- «Nada en el mundo puede tomar el lugar de la persistencia. El talento no lo hará; nada es más común que los hombres sin éxito con talento. El genio no lo hará; el genio sin recompensa es casi un proverbio. La educación no lo hará; el mundo está lleno de vagabundos educados. La persistencia y la determinación por sí solas son omnipotentes». calvin coolidge

La persistencia y la perseverancia pueden ser la cualidad más común de las personas exitosas. Se niegan a perder, a darse por vencidos. Saben que cuanto más tiempo aguanten, mayores serán las posibilidades de éxito. Thomas Edison no pudo inventar la bombilla más de 1000 veces. Cuando un informado le preguntó cómo se sentía fallar tantas veces, Edison respondió que no falló, descubrió formas de no inventar la bombilla.

H. Ross Perot, multimillonario de Texas y excandidato presidencial, dice esto sobre la perseverancia: «La mayoría de las personas se dan por vencidas justo cuando están a punto de lograr el éxito. Se dan por vencidos en la línea de una yarda. Se dan por vencidos en el último minuto del juego, un pie de un touchdown ganador».

Habrá momentos en los que no será fácil. La gente dudará de su capacidad, su esfuerzo o su valor para la organización. Es posible que no crean en tu sueño o que tengan la misma pasión que tú. Pueden pensar que está sobre su cabeza o sobre la colina. ¿Qué hubiera pasado si Kurt Warner hubiera creído todas las cosas que la gente decía sobre él antes de que los Arizona Cardinals se dirigieran hacia el Super Bowl?

He tenido la suerte de conocer a algunas personas que han superado obstáculos tremendos para alcanzar sus metas. Kevin Saunders, ganador de la medalla de bronce en los Juegos Paralímpicos (Barcelona, ​​España) escribió un libro sobre su viaje con el título bastante apropiado, «Siempre hay un camino… ¡Nunca te rindas!

Los dejo con este pensamiento: «El poder de aguantar a pesar de todo, el poder de resistir, esta es la cualidad de los ganadores. La persistencia es la capacidad de enfrentar la derrota una y otra vez sin rendirse, de seguir adelante frente a la gran dificultad, sabiendo que la victoria será tuya. La persistencia significa esforzarse para superar cada obstáculo, y hacer lo que sea necesario para alcanzar tu meta». Luego.

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Roman Catholicism: Why I had to leave PART 2


Vatican II declared it was no longer a sin for a Catholic to read a non-Catholic Bible or visit a non-Catholic church.

The average Catholic in the Western world loved that. Non-Catholics, too, where so many are prone to visiting each other’s churches with friends and family of various denominations. Strangely, they did nothing at Vatican II to remove the more than 100 anathemas, or curses, pronounced by the Council of Trent in 1545-63 on the Protestant churches and beliefs. More about that coming up. How good it is for all those who march under the banner of Christianity, to be able to worship our Lord and King together. But let’s be together TOGETHER. Question: Why didn’t Rome clean the slate while they were at it and lift those curses?

Is unity breaking out among denominations throughout the world? Not hardly. In some sections of the world, if a non-Catholic church begins a ministry, persecution, even death, is eminent. In other nations anything that’s not Catholic is considered a cult and is considered as unworthy of government tax exempt benefits. Strangely, in many so-called «Catholic» countries…

Italy, France, Spain, Mexico… the percentage of the population that attends church, reads the Bible, or has the slightest clue of what it means to be Catholic is staggeringly low. Fact is, sadly, the overwhelming majority of Catholics worldwide do not know what it is that God would say to them through His Word, the Bible, but are relying upon official interpretations, opinions, traditions and dogmas of the denomination, even mixing basic teachings with blatant occultic practices. Few have taken the time to study those dogmas themselves. The competency of Catholics,their sincerity, integrity, intelligence, or religious dedication, is not the concern here. Their strong convictions

are admirable, even enviable. Most would agree that, to make a quality decision, one requires quality facts. So, I encourage you, as I did, to compare the major teachings of the Catholic church with the obvious truths of God’s Word.

An analogy from my own life is this: since I was a boy, I have been a Chicago Bear football fan. Why? Because I lived in Chicago and my dad was a fan. I didn’t know the players, how well they played, the long history of the team, but it was a family tradition. As the years passed, I have remained true to the Bears, win or lose (mostl lose). Strangely, my younger son, here in the heart of Dallas Cowboy country, where we now reside, is ALSO a Bear fan. Now, I haven’t watched a pro football game on TV in many years at this writing. I know very little about

the Bears, who the coach is, who the players are, but I guarantee you, if they make it to the Super Bowl any time

soon, my world will stop to see them play on some big TV screen somewhere. (Incidentally, I am to be pitied above all men for I am also a Chicago Cub fan. Sigh).

If you will, please examine the following synopsis of details which caused me to question my Catholic affiliation and decide for yourself if there was any merit to my decision to leave the Catholic church I had been affiliated with for 21 years, attending a Catholic school, wearing my scapular, serving as an altar boy, was baptized, confirmed, etc.


— The Bible was officially forbidden to the people, placed on the Index of Forbidden Books List by the Council of

Valencia, 1229 AD.

— Council of Trent (1545-63 AD) also prohibited its use and pronounced a curse (anathema) upon anyone who would oppose this decree.

— The Roman Catholic Church has burned Bibles and the people who translated it and promoted its study (EX: John Hus, 1415 AD; Wm. Tyndale, 1536 AD).

— Though external pressures have caused Rome to relax restrictions against Bible study in the U.S., its distribution

is still widely withheld in many countries heavily influenced by Roman Catholicism.

–Though the Roman Church claims the inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, it openly exalts the authority of its own traditions, dogmas and decrees ABOVE the Bible.

— The church teaches the deity of Christ but places Mary and priests as mediators between God and believers so that free access to Jesus is possible only through them.

— The church teaches forgiveness of sins but only through confession to a priest and the absolution given by him.

— The church teaches salvation, but substitutes a system of grace plus works in which human deeds are important.

— The church teaches that Christ established the Church, but exalts the pope as its head and invests absolute, infallible

authority in him and his decrees.

Though the Roman Catholic Church claims to be «the one true church,» arguing that its roots can be traced to Christ, the historical facts do not substantiate this claim. Roman Catholic dogma has evolved over the centuries, however, none of its

major traditions and doctrine were ever taught, defended, practiced, or embraced by the early, apostolic church.


Following are some elements of Catholic doctrine, rituals, decrees, and beliefs and the approximate year they were


Sign of the cross…300AD

Veneration of angels, dead saints, use of images…375AD

Mass as a daily celebration…394AD

Exaltation of Mary and use of term «Mother of God»…432AD

Extreme Unction…526AD

Doctrine of Purgatory, instituted by Gregory I…539AD

Prayers to Mary, dead saints, angels…600AD

Holy Water…850AD

Canonization of dead saints, first by Pope John XV…995AD

Fasting on Fridays and during Lent…998AD

Mass developed as a sacrifice, attendance mandatory…11th Century

Celibacy for priests, decreed by Gregory VII…1079AD

The inquisition, instituted by Council of Verona, suspects convicted of heresy, tortured and executed, estimated

15 million people died…1184AD

Sale of Indulgences…1190AD

Transubstantiation, proclaimed by Innocent III…1215AD

Confession to priests, instituted by Innocent III in Lateran Council…1215AD

Adoration of the host (Latin: means «victim»), decreed by Honorius III…1220AD

Bible forbidden, Council of Toulouse…1229AD

Cup forbidden to people at communion, Council of Constance…1414AD

Purgatory, pronounced as dogma by Council of Florence…1439AD

Tradition declared as equal authority with Bible, Council of Trent…1545AD

Apocryphal books added to Bible, Council of Trent, a reaction to the Protestant Reformation. By canonizing

these books it legitimized their use in doctrinal matters (1 Maccabecs 4:46, 9:27, 14:41 states the days of prophets

were gone; Jesus quoted all 39 OT books from Genesis to Malachi, never the Apocrypha; No other New Testament writer

quoted the Apocrypha. Jesus contradicted teachings from Apocrypha; Jerome, Origen and others denied its inspiration;

The Pesshitta, the Syriac Bible of 2AD, did not contain the Apocrypha)…1546AD

Infallibility of Pope, Vatican Council…1870AD

Public schools condemned, Pius XI…1930AD

Assumption of Mary, bodily ascension into Heaven after death, Pius XII…1950

Mary proclaimed «Mother of the church,» Paul VI…1965AD

Other areas of scriptural abuses and manmade doctrine include nuns, Ash Wednesday, All Saints day, medals, charms, relics, novenas, and more. This revealing list represents an overview of the many human inventions which have corrupted, distorted, and perverted the official positions presented as truth by the Roman Catholic Church to its people. The problem: worldwide, the majority of Roman Catholics have no idea!


In his book Eaclesiam Suam, Pope Paul expressed his distress because of what some of the «Separated brethren» say about the papacy as being the stumbling block in the way of church unity. He said, «Do not some of them say that if it were not for the primacy of the pope, the reunion o the separated churches with the Catholic Church would be easy? We beg the separated brethren to consider the inconsistency of this position, not only in that, without the pope, the Catholic church would no longer be Catholic, but also because without the supreme decisive pastoral office of Peter, the unity of the Church of Christ would utterly collapse.»

Collapse? I doubt it. I do agree that if the Catholic Church were reformed according to Scripture, it would have to be abandoned. About Peter, claiming him as first pope is nothing short of doctrinal error. It’s based upon Matthew 16:13-19, where Jesus responds to Peter’s confession that He is the Christ declaring that upon this rock He will build His church and will give the keys to the kingdom to Peter to bind and loose on the earth. The papacy claims that Peter is the rock referred to here and the keys represent the pope’s absolute authority and infallibility over the church. Jesus DID say Peter was a rock, but a study of the Greek word for «rock» reveals Peter’s name (Petros) as referring to a mere stone in comparison to the massive rock (petra)… the Gibraltar, which is His Holy Name, the Name above all names… Jesus!

Jesus was not saying He would build His church upon simple Simon Peter. NO! But, He would build it upon that simple foundational confession of faith which Peter made that Jesus is the Christ! Not only Peter’s confession, but every similar confession for generations to come (Rom 10:9-11). Jesus is the Rock, not Peter! (See I Cor 3:11; Eph 2:20, 21).

The «keys» symbolize the authority to open the way of salvation through the preaching of the Gospel to all those who are shackled in darkness and sin. Peter was first entrusted with the keys because he was first to give this confession of faith in Jesus and was instrumental in initially opening the door of salvation to the Jews at Pentecost (Acts 2), as well as to the Gentiles at Cornelius’ house (Acts 10). However, ALL true disciples possess these same keys when proclaiming the way of salvation to unbelievers and offering them spiritual liberty through Christ (Matthew 18:18).

Furthermore, the Scriptures disprove Roman Catholic claims concerning Peter. Neither the Scriptures nor Peter ever claimed to be pope, head over the church, or in a superior position over the apostles. Apart from Catholic tradition, there is no biblical, historical, or credible archacological evidence that Peter ever went to Rome or presided as its leader. Read the following Scriptures. Decide for yourself:

1 Peter 5:1 (he is referred to as merely another elder among many)

1 Peter 5:3 (he actually warned AGAINST lording over the flock)

Acts 10:25-27 (he refused to receive homage from men – no ring kissing or special treatment or titles)

Matthew 16:23 (proved he wasn’t infallible when Jesus rebuked him sharply regarding the need for crucifixion)

Galatians 2:11-14 (Paul scolded him for vacillating, being inconsistent, and a hypocrite)

Matthew 8:14; Luke 4:38; I Corinthians 9:5 (he was married)

Romans 16 (Paul wrote this epistle, greeted many believers but did not greet Peter. Why not? Because he wasn’t there).


Catholic women seem to LOVE Mary! In this age of gender equality, I have found that there are many women who love being Catholic ONLY because there seems to be a woman in at least equal authority at the helm. These women forget that anything with two heads is a freak!

In spite of Rome’s great emphasis upon Mary, the Scriptures say very little about her. She’s never mentioned by Paul, Peter, James, or John. None of the New Testament epistles refer to her either. In fact, the most significant Catholic teachings concerning her are fairly recent in origin (Immaculate Conception, 1854; Assumption, 1950).

The Bible refers to Mary as «blessed…among women» (not ABOVE women, Luke 1:28). It does not teach us to deify, worship, or pray to her. Jesus did not. Neither did the early Christians. She is recognized for her many wonderful attributes, namely, her willingness to bring Christ into the world and non-Catholics would do well to study these attributes. By that example, we should each be as willing to be used as a vessel for bringing Christ into our own world. Unfortunately, Rome’s adoration of her is condemned by God’s Word as you will see.

In The Glories of Mary (p. 82, 83), Bishop deLiguori wrote that Mary acts as a Mediator between angry sinners and God. The scriptures refute that (I Tim 2:5 and Jn 14:6). He also states that the Holy Church commands a worship peculiar to Mary. It is blatant idolatry to kneel before her statues, recite Hail Mary’s or sing songs to her. This was forbidden by Christ (Matt 4:10), where He reminded Satan: «For it is written, ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.’ » Roman Catholicism teaches that Christ is a stern, wrathful judge who cannot be approached by sinners and that Mary is a tender, understanding, merciful intercessor who will plead our cause to her Son with the persuasion of a loving mother. The Bible refutes that (Rom 8:34; Heb 7:25; 9:24).

The Bible rejects Rome’s claim that Mary is the Peacemaker between sinners and God, pg. 80 of Bishop DeLiguori’s book. Compare this belief to the Scriptures (Eph 2:13-18). Christ is our peacemaker. Not Mary, priests, popes, deceased saints, or even the church. On page 160, deLiguori says Mary is «…the gate of Heaven because no one can enter that blessed kingdom without passing through Her…» St. Joseph’s Daily Missal, pg. 1305 says, «the Way of Salvation is open to non otherwise than through Mary,» and that «our salvation is in the hands of Mary.» Compare that claim to the Word of God, Acts 4:12. «Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under Heaven given to men by which we must be saved,» and John 14:6, «I am the Way and the Truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through Me.»

The Bible gives no support to the many exalted titles the Roman Catholic Church bestows upon Mary: Queen of Angels, Door of Paradise, mother of Grace, Morningstar, Refuge of Sinners. These titles clearly represent Rome’s attempt to elevate Mary to a glorified status, not taught in the Scriptures.

Immaculate Conception teaches that Mary was born without sin. The Scriptures stress that we’ve ALL sinned (Romans 5:12) and that no one does not sin (1 Kings 8:46; Psalms 53:3, I John 1:8, 10). Mary herself acknowledges that she was a sinner in need of a Savior, (Luke 1:46, 47) by offering two turtledoves in the temple, like all poor Jewish mothers, atoning for their sin (Lev 12:6-8).

Rome’s emphasis on her perpetual virginity is clearly refuted in Matthew 13:54-56, Mark 6:3, John 7:5, 6. Though Rome claims these are Christ’s cousins, the original Greek wording clearly refers to brothers and sisters and not cousins. Read this for yourself! After Jesus’ birth, Joseph and Mary lived a normal husband and wife relationship, bearing other children.


According to John A. O’Brien’s The Faith of Millions, page 382, Catholics claim that communion is the exact same sacrifice as Christ’s death on the cross, and view it as a literal re-enactment of Christ’s crucifixion on Calvary in an un-bloody manner. Christ’s body is re-crucified and re-sacrificed for the atonement of the individual’s sins. Catholicism teaches that the physical presence of Christ is IN the sacrifice, and that the wine and the «host» are MIRACULOUSLY CHANGED into the actual blood and body of Jesus Christ. LITERALLY! Not figuratively or symbolically. This is referred to as «Transubstantiation,» the literal changing of a substance from one form into another. This is completely contrary to the Scriptures which repeatedly stresses the finality and completeness of Christ’s sacrifice. Read it! Hebrews 10:11, 12, 14, and 18. Also, Hebrews 7:27, 9:12, and 22:28. While you’re at it, read John 19:30 and I Peter 3:18.

In 1963, Pope John XXIII declared, «I do accept entirely all that has been decided and declared at the Council of Trent.» What did they decide at Trent, beginning in 1545? Canon I states: «If anyone shall deny that the body and blood, together with the soul and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, and therefore entire Christ, are truly, really, and substantially contained in the sacrament of the most Holy Eucharist and shall say that He is only in it as a sign, or in a figure-let him be accursed!»

In other words, Rome teaches this: that little wafer is GOD! The bread is supposedly literally changed into Christ by the priest. You’d BETTER believe it…or you’re cursed, according to Canon I. Fact is, tens of millions of people have been tortured and killed through the age for challenging such Catholic dogmas. The problem with this particular decree is that the majority of today’s logical, thinking Catholics deny they can believe this is true. Especially in the Western world. According to TRADITIO: Traditional Roman Catholic Internet ( «70% OF NOVUS ORDO CATHOLICS NOW HOLD AN HERETICAL BELIEF IN THE HOLY EUCHARIST.» According to their report, this staggering statistic reveals, «… Only 30% of Novus Ordo Catholics believe that they are really and truly receiving the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ under the appearance of Bread and Wine. This has always been the Church’s dogma regarding the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist… The poll results show a terrible confusion on the part of Catholics concerning one of the most fundamental dogmata of the Church, a confusion that has actually led them into (at least material) heresy. The poll results were presented to the U.S. Bishops at their annual conference of November 1992 at Washington, D.C. The bishops failed to take any action, but preferred to let 7 out of 10 Catholics remain in (at least material) heresy.» Ouch!

Since it wasn’t a practice till the early 1200’s, where did this belief originate? The mystic religions and worshipers of Osiris of the Middle East were a great influence on the West, particularly the cultured Italians. Also, the religion of Mithra had its impact. The idea of eating the flesh of deity was popular in Mexico and Central America long before missionaries landed there. Prescott’s Mexico, Vol. 3, quotes, «…their surprise was heightened, when they witnessed a religious rite which reminded them of communion…an image made of flour…and after consecration by priests, was distributed among the people…declaring it was flesh of deity.» A primitive practice indeed. Why do Catholic catechisms and doctrinal instruction books want people to think they must eat Jesus? The answer’s worth seeking.

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Cómo ganar dinero apostando en deportes en línea

La actual crisis financiera es muy real en efecto. Desde 2008, las empresas han comenzado a caer como hojas, mientras que miles de personas son despedidas. Es muy difícil y nadie gana tanto como hace unos años. Estos son los signos de los tiempos.

Pero es lo que es y solo tenemos que encontrar una manera de lidiar con eso. Los chinos tienen un dicho que dice que los tiempos de crisis en realidad no deben considerarse como dificultades sino como oportunidades. Así que estamos hablando de oportunidades disfrazadas de una gran crisis financiera. En esa cadena de pensamientos, ahora es el momento de ser más creativo con el menor dinero que tienes y encontrar buenas maneras de multiplicarlos.

Independientemente de lo que estés trabajando, probablemente hayas notado que a tu jefe le resulta cada vez más difícil pagarte a medida que pasa cada mes. Los salarios se reducen todo el tiempo en lugar de aumentar. Parece que bajo las condiciones económicas extremas actuales, los corredores de apuestas en línea son las únicas fuentes estables de dinero en el sentido de que si gana su apuesta, obtendrá el dinero en su tarjeta dentro de los próximos 3 a 5 días hábiles ¡GARANTIZADO!

Hay eventos deportivos para apostar todos los días. Los partidos de fútbol en Europa se juegan a diario ya que las cuatro principales ligas nacionales (Inglaterra, España, Italia y Alemania) tienen partidos entre semana y fines de semana. Luego tienes todos los deportes estadounidenses: NBA, MLB, NFL. La Copa del Mundo de fútbol se acerca este verano. Es básicamente una oportunidad continua de hacer dinero, siempre y cuando tengas algo de dinero y buena información sobre qué apostar.

Repitamos eso de nuevo: «algo de dinero y buena información sobre qué apostar». La verdad es que no necesitas mucho dinero para empezar a construir una fortuna a través de las apuestas deportivas online. Puede comenzar con tan solo $ 10 y la buena noticia es que la mayoría de las casas de apuestas en este momento tienen bonos de depósito para nuevos clientes, especialmente los principales sitios web de apuestas deportivas en línea.

El otro componente crucial es «buena información sobre en qué apostar» y con eso queremos decir saber a quién apostar su dinero, ¿verdad? Pues hay gente que sigue de cerca lo que pasa en todas estas ligas deportivas y cuelgan su información en sus webs.

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Supervivencia sobre el "JOROBA" Parte uno

El primer teniente Art Tuttle, nuestro ingeniero de vuelo, gritó por el interfono; «Doc, nuestro motor número 4 está mostrando una caída en la presión del aceite y un aumento en la temperatura de la culata». Vigílelo, Art, y avíseme si sus números continúan bajando», ordenó el Capitán Doc Waller, nuestro piloto.

Como copiloto del vuelo, sabía que los motores B-29 y otros errores se habían convertido en problemas para muchas otras tripulaciones estacionadas fuera de Piardoba, India. A menudo estábamos sobrecargados con un peso bruto de 140 000 lb a 160 000 lb, lo que provocaba que los motores se sobrecalentaran.

Novias, pérdidas y pin ups

Los cúmulos que se formaban rápidamente a continuación atrajeron mi atención. Pero me di cuenta de que dieciocho horas de vuelo del B-29, por misión, en el Teatro China Birmania nos dieron a todos mucho tiempo para pensar; esposas y novias el «Love Boat B-17 sobre Walker Field, mi esposa, Betty Ann, persuadiendo al gran bombardero a través de los cielos sobre el partido de fútbol de Michigan/Ohio State, mi tiempo en la caballería y mi nueva asignación como ayudante del general Smith. El pérdida del teniente Edward Pearce, una estrella de fútbol de Flint Northern y ganador de cartas de 3 años en el estado de Michigan, en la ladera de una montaña en el Marruecos francés … luego, el primer teniente Charles Hill (corredor de MSU), que pilotaba un Liberator sobre Alemania falló volver un mes después me clavó como un cuchillo.

Pearce, Hill y yo permanecimos juntos durante 14 traslados a campamentos y bases, pasando de la Caballería a las Fuerzas Armadas y luego a la Fuerza Aérea. Todos recibimos nuestras alas juntos siguiendo el mismo camino y los lloré a ellos y a sus tripulaciones. Con el corazón roto, sus viudas con recién nacidos continuaron… y mantuvieron la fe de que sus seres queridos regresarían.

La selección del arte de la nariz fue importante para la unión de la tripulación… el espíritu y el orgullo de cada tripulación. Cuanto más personal, íntimo e irreverente, mejor para los jóvenes de 19 a 24 años en esta guerra. Tal vez un pin-up en el costado de un avión haría que el enemigo se detuviera (de risa o deseo) en su búsqueda de derribar nuestro avión, dando a nuestros artilleros la oportunidad de atraparlo primero. Una pinup de playboy o peor seguro era emocionante para la mayoría y un alivio para algunos. Los temas iban desde descarados o sexuales hasta dibujos animados/caricaturas, personas, logotipo/nombre y temas de solo nombre. Qué diablos, cuanto más chillones, mejor. Si alivió algo de tensión y lo dejamos rasgar. Fue muy divertido y, de repente, todos los hombres se convirtieron en artistas en cada unidad de las tripulaciones aéreas para obtener un escudo de armas representativo.

La lucha de Star Duster

El sargento James Lynch, nuestro artillero derecho, gritó repentinamente por el interfono; «Doc, nuestro número 4 está fumando». Aquí vamos de nuevo, pensé, mientras el capitán Doc Waller, nuestro piloto, le decía a Jimmy que estuviera atento a las llamas y al primer teniente Art Tuttle, ingeniero de vuelo, que revisara los indicadores, controlara las temperaturas y las presiones y su lista de verificación de emergencia. .

El tiempo de Número 4 no podría haber sido peor. Estábamos a 34.000 pies sobre el Himalaya. Esta no es una misión de bombardeo sino un vuelo de carga. Llevamos ocho tanques de combustible recubiertos de goma asegurados en los bastidores de bombas, 2900 galones para descargar después de 13 horas más de vuelo directo a nuestra base avanzada en el valle de Cheng Tu… en preparación para el impulso para bombardear la patria de Japón.

Estuvimos muy lejos de casa llevando tanto combustible a bordo. Un posible incendio en un motor ahora era más aterrador que ser disparado sobre Kyushu y Yokohama desde intensos y precisos misiles antiaéreos.

Miré a Doc, concentrándome en silencio en su próxima tarea. Estaba repasando sus procedimientos y opciones de emergencia mientras descendía y cambiaba de rumbo, en caso de que sucediera lo peor. Sabía que doce hombres contaban con sus decisiones de vida o muerte. Dock me dijo que tomara el yugo y volé «STARDUSTER» en nuestro nuevo rumbo. Mantuve un ojo en el número 4 mientras sondeaba a Art Tuttle por los números de rendimiento del motor y pedía actualizaciones constantes de nuestros ojos del motor en la parte de atrás.

A través de la oscuridad de la mañana, seguimos adelante. Ninguno de nosotros esperaba que nuestras misiones llegarían sin víctimas o que nuestro propio avión tendría más posibilidades que los demás de emerger sin daños. La pregunta que todos nos hicimos… ¿Y si? Y parecía que la respuesta a qué pasaría si pudiera convertirse en realidad… en breve.

El motor número 4 estaba perdiendo potencia lentamente y ahora olíamos vapores de gas en la nariz del avión. Con un giro repentino y dramático hacia la derecha, el TSgt Alden Huisjen, nuestro artillero senior, gritó: «Tenemos un espeso humo negro saliendo del número 4 ahora». Rápidamente, me volví para confirmar a nuestro niño problemático en el ala de estribor. Doc me dio esa mirada y asentí con la cabeza una confirmación de la realidad de nuestro problema. Nuestro petrolero B-29 convertido ahora estaba en un verdadero problema.

Doc inmediatamente redujo la potencia al escuchar que salía humo del motor, incluso mientras Art informaba que todos los instrumentos del motor mostraban indicaciones normales. La reducción de potencia había reducido el volumen de humo, pero en 10 minutos, una gran columna de aceite y humo salió repentinamente de la góndola superior. El sargento Don Carter, nuestro operador de radio, fue a la bahía de bombas delantera para investigar los vapores de gas. Doc estaba preocupado de que los vapores saturaran el avión y toda la tripulación pudiera verse afectada.

«Fuego, fuego ahora sale del número 4», gritó Alden, «las llamas están creciendo».

De repente, hubo un segundo estremecimiento y Art miró el tacómetro y notificó a los pilotos que las MAP/RPM del número 4 estaban cayendo rápidamente. El motor luego se sacudió violentamente y se detuvo por completo…

Camisetas de fútbol baratas Tienda online, Comprar Camiseta futbol precio más barato y envío rápido. En nuestra tienda de camisetas de futbol baratas. Disfruta de las últimas noticias de fútbol sala y mantente actualizado con todas las noticias de tu equipo, jugador o competición favorita de futsal.

El sexo pervertido vende

Dos citas recientes:

De «All Headline News» – «Los Ángeles, CA – La ex amante lesbiana de Angelina Jolie dice que la deslumbrante actriz era muy provocativa y obscena antes de establecerse. Incluso afirma que las dos visitaron juntas las guaridas de dominatrix, lo que Angelina «amaba».

De «The New York Daily News» – «En una celebración por el 50 cumpleaños del presidente Bill Clinton, en el Radio City Music Hall, en 1996, Simon, aterrorizado de seguir a Smokey Robinson, invitó a toda la sección de vientos para que se lo permitiera», escribe

John Lahr en el New Yorker. «‘Todos se turnaron para azotarme’, dice ella. ‘Durante la nalgada se levantó el telón'».

¿Qué nos dicen estos dos clips de noticias al azar (hay muchos, muchos más cada semana)?

Bueno, en primer lugar, las celebridades también tienen una vida sexual (duhh).

En segundo lugar, que a algunas celebridades les gustan las formas de sexo pervertido. No es de extrañar, el 30 por ciento de la población adulta en el mundo occidental, como mínimo, tiene fantasías sobre estilos de vida alternativos y sexo pervertido, por lo que, estadísticamente, es probable que una de cada tres celebridades esté interesada en ese tipo de cosas.

La pregunta es, ¿es esto realmente una noticia? Bueno, aunque una nalgada más o menos pública, especialmente frente a un ex presidente de los EE. UU., sin duda ocupará los titulares, eso no significa que califique como «noticia». Si hubiera sido Jane Doe, cantando en la fiesta de cumpleaños de su abuela, nadie se habría molestado. Entonces, solo porque les sucede a las celebridades, provoca la atención de los medios.

No olvidemos que, nuevamente de acuerdo con las estadísticas anteriores, uno de cada tres reporteros también tiene esas fantasías, o en realidad está involucrado activamente en alguna forma de sexualidad alternativa. Eso no lo escuchamos, por supuesto.

Desde un punto de vista periodístico simple, básico…. si 1/3 de la población lo hace todo el tiempo, probablemente sea muy común. Por eso nadie denuncia que la gente vaya a los estadios de fútbol o béisbol a ver jugar a su equipo favorito. Es por eso que ver una comedia de situación no lo llevará a la primera plana del New York Times. Por eso comer un trozo de pizza no te hará famoso. Simplemente porque estas son actividades que casi todo el mundo hace de vez en cuando. Y en realidad, el «sexo pervertido» no es diferente.

Estados Unidos es, con mucho, el mayor productor de pornografía. Sin embargo, el país no quiere saber nada de eso. Una encuesta realizada por la Fundación Powerotics reveló que ninguna telenovela convencional puede tener éxito sin la acción ocasional de «damisela en apuros». Las actrices son atadas, secuestradas, amordazadas o enjauladas todo el tiempo en la televisión diurna. Hace varios años, un coleccionista no tenía problemas para encontrar miles de escenas de azotes, azotes, ataduras y azotes de miles y miles de películas de Hollywood.

Y aquí llegamos al punto real: sexo pervertido, o insinuaciones de sexo pervertido o alternativo, ¡VENDE! Vende periódicos y revistas, películas y programas de televisión. Incluso vende carreras completas, como las de Madonna y Billy Idol. es en gran parte lo que hace que se venda la reciente autobiografía de Bill Clinton. Si es un argumento de venta tan poderoso, ¿por qué no usarlo, en lugar de condenarlo?

comprar camisetas futbol spain y selecciones nacionales y todos los clubs para hombre,mujer y niños,Camisetas de fútbol en Últimas noticias sobre Fútbol. Sigue la última hora de LaLiga Santander, la Champions League y toda la actualidad de los equipos

Los beneficios de los servicios de reclutamiento universitario – El juego de los números

Lo hemos visto suceder en los últimos 20 años: los costos de matrícula para universidades y colegios se están disparando fuera de control. Estos aumentos no se parecen al índice de inflación durante este período y ahora están en el punto en que la educación superior para muchos debe parecer un sueño en lugar de una certeza. Sin embargo, los estudiantes atletas talentosos aún pueden encontrar estrategias para hacer que la universidad sea asequible y más agradable.

Muchas oportunidades en todos los niveles de competencia están disponibles a nivel universitario para los estudiantes atletas. Pero sigue siendo, después de todo, un juego de números.

Primero las buenas noticias. Hay más de 408,000 estudiantes atletas que participan en atletismo intercolegial en los tres niveles de la Asociación Atlética Colegial Nacional. Estos niveles son las Divisiones I, II y III. Y esto ni siquiera incluye a los más de 45,000 estudiantes atletas que participan en atletismo en el nivel NAIA. La NCAA tiene más de 1000 colegios y universidades miembros que presentan equipos en 28 deportes masculinos y 27 femeninos. En la actualidad, hay 17.713 equipos en la NCAA.

Ahora, por desgracia, las malas noticias. Durante el año académico 2008-2009 hubo un total de 4.422.622 atletas de escuela secundaria y 3.114.091 atletas estudiantes compitiendo en los Estados Unidos. Tome el baloncesto por ejemplo. Hay 17.869 equipos masculinos de secundaria y 17.582 equipos femeninos. Más de 1,1 millones de niños jugaron fútbol americano en la escuela secundaria el año pasado.

Entonces, ¿cómo se supone que un estudiante atleta aspirante se destaque en esta multitud tan grande? ¿Cómo puede él o ella aumentar sus posibilidades de ser reclutado y tener la oportunidad de «jugar para la universidad» en lugar de pagar la universidad?

Los servicios de reclutamiento como Interscholastic Futures pueden hacer que los entrenadores y los departamentos atléticos noten a un estudiante, lo que aumenta drásticamente sus posibilidades de que se les ofrezca tanto la asistencia financiera necesaria para asistir a la universidad como la oportunidad de competir.

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Los formatos de fantasía diarios pueden ser una gran alternativa a las largas temporadas de béisbol de fantasía H2H

Llevamos poco más de un mes de la temporada 2010 de las Grandes Ligas de Béisbol y, sin duda, hay personas en las ligas H2H Fantasy Baseball que ya proclaman que su temporada es una causa perdida. Ya sea por falta de preparación, errores de cálculo en el draft o el error de las lesiones, algunos de ustedes no tienen esperanzas de ganar incluso con 4/5 de la temporada por jugar.

La larga temporada de béisbol puede brindarle falsas esperanzas de que eventualmente cambie su situación. Sin embargo, a menudo lo que sucede es que la temporada aparentemente interminable de Major League Baseball conduce al abandono total de aquellos que tienen dificultades para competir, especialmente si no se puede hacer un intercambio favorable.

Conozco muy bien ese sentimiento de desesperanza después de profundizar en el reino de H2H Fantasy Baseball hace unos años. Después de tener éxito tanto en H2H Fantasy Football como en H2H Fantasy Basketball, pensé con certeza que podría crear la misma fórmula ganadora en el béisbol.

De los tres deportes principales, el béisbol es en el que tengo menos conocimiento. Puedo desglosar el fútbol y el baloncesto con los mejores, pero el béisbol es una historia diferente. Disfruto del béisbol y ciertamente tengo más conocimiento que el aficionado casual al béisbol, pero comencé en una liga llena de muchachos que podían decirte incluso las estadísticas de carrera de los prospectos de ligas menores más oscuros.

Afortunadamente para mí, después de 2 temporadas muy largas de ser instruido en los puntos más finos de Fantasy Baseball, descubrí una alternativa. Los formatos diarios de Fantasy Baseball me dieron la oportunidad de competir en H2H Fantasy Baseball sin el compromiso de una temporada y un conocimiento profundo de los jugadores de Major League Baseball.

En los concursos de Daily Fantasy, seleccionas cada día en lugar del típico draft estándar al comienzo de la temporada. Esto permite a los participantes elegir un nuevo equipo cada vez que deciden jugar. Las lesiones, las malas selecciones de draft y la falta de conocimiento tienen menos impacto en un formato diario.

Los deportes de fantasía diarios han ganado popularidad recientemente y son una opción particularmente atractiva para aquellos que desconfían de las largas y arduas temporadas de béisbol de fantasía.

Tu tienda especializada de Camisetas de fútbol retro y vintage Todas las noticias sobre fútbol en el diario de actualidad elEconomista. Descubra toda la actualidad relacionada con fútbol.

Consejos de apuestas de fútbol – ¡Apueste en deportes y gane!

Los consejos de apuestas de fútbol que se encuentran en el sitio de apuestas de fútbol son muy confiables, ya que la información y el conocimiento utilizados para crear la guía son muy precisos y están actualizados. La gente debe entender que las apuestas son muy peligrosas y riesgosas cuando se manejan mal y se implementan incorrectamente. Mediante el uso de los mejores medios para comprobar la probabilidad de un equipo, una vez podría poner fácilmente su dinero en la dirección ganadora. Pero para hacer esto, se deben utilizar las herramientas de apuestas de fútbol adecuadas. Se debe realizar una investigación sobre la información de los dos equipos que compiten. Esto incluiría las estadísticas del jugador, el rendimiento y el récord del equipo y otros datos que ayudarían a construir una proyección. Una vez que se han alcanzado todos estos, la persona que apuesta está lista.

El proceso de usar guías y consejos de apuestas de fútbol es muy complicado. Se debe identificar qué información sería útil y cuál sería inútil. Esto se debe a que la dirección del juego puede cambiar según las cosas que podrían ser engañosas. Lo mejor que puede hacer es usar la información consistente en la recopilación de datos que es muy probable que aparezca en el juego. Esto incluiría el punto por juego, pérdidas de balón y otras tendencias de los jugadores. Los jugadores más activos deberían ser los que deberían establecerse como los principales impulsores y decisores del juego. Esto se debe a que su productividad es lo principal que influye en el flujo del juego. Otros factores y variables también deben incluirse en el análisis. También se deben buscar fuentes externas que traten con los dos equipos para eliminar sesgos y errores de cálculo.

El uso de consejos de apuestas de fútbol debe implementarse de una manera muy práctica para eliminar errores y malentendidos. Esto se puede lograr integrando adecuadamente todos los datos de manera que no haya sesgos ni objetividad fuera de lugar. Básicamente, la curva de probabilidad es la herramienta matemática más útil en las apuestas de fútbol, ​​ya que el rendimiento de los equipos se puede comparar de manera que todos los datos se enfrenten entre sí. Esto no es complicado considerando el hecho de que la mayoría de los analistas y expertos en apuestas lo usan. Básicamente, todos los datos se alinean y comparan directamente. Se crea un gráfico en el que se incluyen todas las ventajas y desventajas de los jugadores y del equipo. Esto es crucial ya que los errores en el gráfico pueden traducirse en predicciones incorrectas. Es por eso que las capacidades del equipo deben ser escaneadas y evaluadas meticulosamente.

Los consejos de apuestas de fútbol son muy útiles para colocarse en el equipo que probablemente ganaría. El requisito más esencial es la investigación de la información más actualizada para que los consejos de apuestas estén en línea con la tendencia actual. Esto se debe a que el rendimiento del equipo cambia en un abrir y cerrar de ojos, lo que puede provocar un deterioro del rendimiento y las estadísticas de victorias. Las personas que apuestan siempre deben estar alertas y ser conscientes de los siguientes cambios. Siguiendo los consejos, las apuestas pueden ser altamente productivas.

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